Panasonic Original Projector Bulb ET-LAB10 PT-LB10 LB20 U1X67 U1X87 U1S87

Panasonic Original Projector Bulb ET-LAB10 PT-LB10 LB20 U1X67 U1X87 U1S87
Panasonic Original Projector Bulb ET-LAB10 PT-LB10 LB20 U1X67 U1X87 U1S87
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Original Projector Bulb PANASONIC ET-LAB10
Bulb No
Projector Model
Panasonic PT-LB10
Panasonic PT-LB10E
Panasonic PT-LB10NT
Panasonic PT-LB10NTE
Panasonic PT-LB10S
Panasonic PT-LB10SE
Panasonic PT-LB10SU
Panasonic PT-LB10SVE
Panasonic PT-LB10V
Panasonic PT-LB10VE
Panasonic PT-LB10VU
Panasonic PT-LB20
Panasonic PT-LB20E
Panasonic PT-LB20NT
Panasonic PT-LB20S
Panasonic PT-LB20SU
Panasonic PT-LB20U
Panasonic PT-LB20V
Panasonic PT-LB20VEA
Panasonic PT-LB20VU
Panasonic PT-U1S87
Panasonic PT-U1X67
Panasonic PT-U1X87
Lamp Type UHM
150 W
Lamp Life
2000 Hours
6 Months














We are a distributor for various Projector Lamp models. Our lamp is manufactured using the original bulb with an OEM housing (OWH). The quality is the same as of the original manufacturer lamp (OM). We give 6 months warranty for original bulb with one to one replacement. We also supply compatible bulb with housing (CWH) which is cheaper than OWH. We give 4 months warranty for compatible bulb with one to one replacement. Our goal is to give our customers an alternative choice of lamps while saving their money with a peace of mind on the lamp lifetime and performance.


Our Company supplies and install various brands and models of projectors that meet your requirements whether it is for classroom, lecture hall, meeting room and theater.


We repair all types of DLP, LCD, and LED projectors with various types of failures. We ensure that the repair is cost saving rather than buying a new projector.


Our company provides preventive maintenance services includes changing the projector lamps, cleaning (or changing) the air filter, the lens and the interior components of the projector. We help to prolong your projector lifetime.

For enquires please;

Whatsapp:   013-3079787

Call Customer Helpdesk:   03-31840386 



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