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We are distributor for various Projector Lamp models. Our lamp is manufactured using the original bulb with an OEM housing (OWH). Therefore, the quality is about the same as of the original manufacturer lamp (OM). Our OWH lamp price is up to one third cheaper than the OM lamp. Our price is also competitive as compared to other OWH lamp supplier. We give 6 months warranty with one to one replacement. Our goal is to give customers an alternative choice of lamp while saving their money with a peace of mind on the lamp lifetime and performance. Your choices of lamps can be purchased at our website at projectorlamp.terabytech.com You may also call us for quotation.

For enquires please contact,
Whatsapp: 013-3079787
Customer Helpdesk: 03-31803800
Email: info@terabytech.com

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Eiki Original Projector Bulb LMP37 610-295-5721 LC-SM3 LC-SM4 LC-XM2
Original Projector Bulb Eiki LMP37 / 610-295-5721   Specifications:&n..
Eiki Original Projector Bulb LMP39 LC-SX4 LC-SX4 LC-SX4LA LC-SX4Li LC-X4 LC-X4i LC-X4L LC-X4LA LC-X4Li
Original Projector Bulb Eiki LMP39   Specifications:   ..
Eiki Original Projector Bulb LMP51 LC-XM4
Original Projector Bulb Eiki LMP51   Specifications:   ..
Eiki Original Projector Bulb LMP53 LC-SB10 LC-XB10
Original Projector Bulb Eiki LMP53   Specifications:   ..
Eiki Original Projector Bulb LMP57 LC-SD10 LC-SD12
Original Projector Bulb Eiki LMP57   Specifications:   ..
Eiki Original Projector Bulb LMP68 LC-SE10 LC-XE10
Original Projector Bulb Eiki LMP68   Specifications:   ..
Eiki Original Projector Bulb LMP73 LC-W4
Original Projector Bulb Eiki LMP73   Specifications:   ..
Eiki Original Projector Bulb LMP90 LC-SB22 LC-XB23 LC-XB24 LC-XB27N LC-XB29N
Original Projector Bulb Eiki LMP90   Specifications:   ..
Eiki Original Projector Bulb LMP90 LC-SB22 LC-XB23 LC-XB24 XB27N XB29N
Original Projector Bulb Eiki LMP90   Specifications:   ..
Epson Original  Projector Bulb ELPLP35 EMP-TW520 EMP-TW600 EMP-TW620 EMP-TW680 EMP-550 Powerlife PC 800
Original Projector Bulb Epson ELPLP35 / V13H010L35   Speci..
Epson Original Projector Bulb  ELPLP13 EMP-50 EMP-70
Original Projector Bulb Epson ELPLP13 / V13H010L13   Speci..
Epson Original Projector Bulb  ELPLP38 EMP-1700 EMP-1705 EMP-1707 EMP-1710 EMP-1715 EMP-1717
Original Projector Bulb Epson  ELPLP38 /  V13H010L38  ..
Epson Original Projector Bulb  ELPLP46 EB-500KG EB-G5000 G5200 G5300 G5350
Original Projector Bulb Epson  ELPLP46 /  V13H010L46  &nbs..
Epson Original Projector Bulb  ELPLP53 EB-1830 EB-1900 EB-1910 EB-1915 EB-1920W EB-1925W H314A PowerLite PowerLite PowerLite 1925W VS400
Original Projector Bulb Epson V13H010L53/ELPLP53   Specifications:&n..
Epson Original Projector Bulb  ELPLP67 EB-S02 EB-S02H EB-S11 EB-S12 EB-SXW11 EB-SXW12 EB-W02 EB-W12
Original Projector Bulb Epson ELPLP67 / V13H010L67   Specifications: ..
Epson Original Projector Bulb  ELPLP72 EB-Z8350W EB-Z8450WU EB-Z8150 EB-Z8455WU EB-Z8355W EB-Z10000 EB-Z10005 EB-1000X EB-Z8350WNL
Original Projector Bulb Epson ELPLP72 Specifications:     ..
Epson Original Projector Bulb ELPLP05 EMP-5300 EMP-7200 EMP-7300
Original Projector Bulb Epson ELPLP05 / V13H010L05   Specificat..
Epson Original Projector Bulb ELPLP06 ELP-5500 EMP-5500 EMP-7500
Original Projector Bulb Epson ELPLP06/ VI3H010L06   Specifications:   ..
Epson Original Projector Bulb ELPLP07 EMP-5550 EMP-7550 PowerLite 5550 Powerlife 7550
Original Projector Bulb Epson ELPLP07 / V13H010L07   Specifications:..
Epson Original Projector Bulb ELPLP08 EMP-8000 EMP-9000 PowerLite 8000 PowerLite 9000
Original Projector Bulb Epson ELPLP08 / V13H010L08 &nbs..
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