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We are distributor for various Projector Lamp models. Our lamp is manufactured using the original bulb with an OEM housing (OWH). Therefore, the quality is about the same as of the original manufacturer lamp (OM). Our OWH lamp price is up to one third cheaper than the OM lamp. Our price is also competitive as compared to other OWH lamp supplier. We give 6 months warranty with one to one replacement. Our goal is to give customers an alternative choice of lamp while saving their money with a peace of mind on the lamp lifetime and performance. Your choices of lamps can be purchased at our website at projectorlamp.terabytech.com You may also call us for quotation.

For enquires please contact,
Whatsapp: 013-3079787
Customer Helpdesk: 03-31803800
Email: info@terabytech.com

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Epson Original Projector Bulb ELPLP65 EB-1750 EB-1760W EB-1770W EB-1775W EB-1771W EB-1776W
Original Projector Bulb Epson ELPLP65 Specifications:     ..
Epson Original Projector Bulb ELPLP66 MovieMate 85HD
Original Projector Bulb Epson ELPLP66 / V13H010L66 Specifications:   ..
Epson Original Projector Bulb ELPLP68 EH-TW5900 EH-TW6000 EH-TW6000W PAOWERLIFE HC 3010e EH-TW5910 EH-TW6100 EH-TW6100W
Original Projector Bulb Epson ELPLP68 Specifications: Bul..
Epson Original Projector Bulb ELPLP69 EH-TW9000 EH-TW9000W EH-TW7200 EH-TW9200 EH-TW9200W EH-TW8100 EH-TW9100
Original Projector Bulb Epson ELPLP69 Specifications:     ..
Epson Original Projector Bulb ELPLP71 EB-485Wi EB-475W EB-480 EB-480T EB-485WT EB-485W EB-470
Projector Bulb Epson ELPLP71 Specifications:      &nb..
Epson Original Projector Bulb ELPLP73 EB-Z8350W EB-Z8150 EB-Z8355W EB-1000X EB-Z8350WNL
Original Projector Bulb Epson ELPLP73 Specifications:     ..
Epson Original Projector Bulb ELPLP75 EB-1940W EB-1945W EB-1950 EB-1955 EB-1960 EB-1965
Original Projector Bulb Epson ELPLP75 / V13H010L75   Specifications: ..
Epson Original Projector Bulb ELPLP76 EB-G6050W EB-G6250W EB-G6350 EB-G6450WU EB-G6550WU
Original Projector Bulb Epson ELPLP76 Specifications:     ..
Epson Original Projector Bulb ELPLP77 PowerLite 4650  PowerLite 4750W PowerLite 4855WU EB-4550 EB-4750W EB-4850WU EB-4950WU PowerLite G5910 EB-1970W EB-1975W EB-1980WU EB-1985WU EB-4650
Original Projector Bulb Epson ELPLP77 Specifications:     ..
Epson Original Projector Bulb ELPLP78 EB-945 EB-955W EB-965 EB-S17 EB-S18 EB-SXW03
Original Projector Bulb Epson ELPLP78 Specifications:     ..
Epson Original Projector Bulb ELPLP80 EB-585WI EB-585W EB-580 EB-595WI EB-1420WI EB-1430W
Original Projector Bulb Epson ELPLP80 Specifications:     ..
Epson Original Projector Bulb ELPLP85 EH-TW6600 EH-TW6600W EH-TW6700 EH-TW6700W EH-TW6800
Original Projector Bulb Epson ELPLP85 Specifications:     ..
Epson Original Projector Bulb ELPLP87 EB-520 EB-525W EB-530 EB-535W EB-536Wi
Original Projector Bulb Epson ELPLP87 Specifications:     ..
Epson Original Projector Bulb ELPLP88 EB-945H EB-965H EB-S27
Original Projector Bulb Epson ELPLP88 Specifications:     ..
Epson OriginalProjector Bulb  ELPLP50 EB-824 EB-824H EB-825 EB-825H EB-826W EB-826W EB-826WV EB-84 EB-84e EB-84EDU EB-84H EB-84he EB-84LEDU EB-85 EMP-82 EMP-84he H295A H296A H297A H353B PowerLite 825 PowerLite 826W PowerLite 84 PowerLite 85
Original Projector Bulb Epson ELPLP50 / V13H010L50   Specificati..
Hitachi Original Projector Bulb DT00171 CP-S830
Original Projector Bulb Hitachi DT00171   Specifications:   ..
Hitachi Original Projector Bulb DT00231 CP-S860 CP-X958 X960 X960A CP-X970
Original Projector Bulb Hitachi DT00231   Specifications:&nbs..
Hitachi Original Projector Bulb DT00301 CP-S220 CP-S220A CP-S220W CP-S270 CP-X270 PJ-LC2001
Original Projector Bulb Hitachi DT00301   Specifications: ..
Hitachi Original Projector Bulb DT00331 CP-S310 CP-S310W CP-X320 CP-X320W CP-X325
Original Projector Bulb Hitachi DT00331   Specifications: ..
Hitachi Original Projector Bulb DT00341 CP-X980 CP-X985 MCX3200
Original Projector Bulb Hitachi DT00341   Specifications:  ..
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